Friday, July 18, 2008

Welcome to Enigma Taco. If you're wondering what sense the title of this blog makes, take comfort in the fact that handfuls of other readers and the writer also have no friggin idea. It's fun though, right?
Today is Friday, and that means that absolutely no seriousness will be allowed here on the blog that makes no sense. I'm "working" now, so a long and hardly thought out post is not possible. Instead, you get to enjoy linkys!! El yay!!!
I need you people to like what I like.
First, there's Things You Never Knew Existed. I especially covet the Frank Farter Dog, complete with white briefs. Again, not understanding it....but fun!
I keep uploading different pictures to My Heritage to see if I can get a different answer, but it appears that I most resemble Kristen Davis on the celebrity face recognition. I was hoping for Lucille Ball, but whatever.
I don't care who you are, NOBODY can read this post by Daniel Evans at Dad Gone Mad and not laugh out loud. If you succeed, you're a freak and you should move to France. The smelly part of the country.
I was going to post some more of my favorite internet things, but I've actually got to work now. Stupid job.
I hope you're all having a romping Friday! Romp a little bit for me too.

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ImNoBetterThanU said...

Do not take it for granted, at least you can post to your blog at work. No surfing outside the company where I work.

Well...others do, but it is against policy. And with this economy I need to provide them with zero ammunition when time to lay off!