Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ignore the woman behind the curtain

I'm having a hard time coming up with posts for this new blog.

Trying to hide myself from the spies equates to not being able really talk about anything personal, and that's not what I set out to do when I started blogging, two years ago. This is an interesting predicament.

When I was very young, I remember a night when my uncle was driving me to my father's house for a visit around Christmastime. We were traveling through a rural area that, at that hour, consisted of lots of pitch black topped by stars, broken up by the occasional home. My uncle and I were playing a game to see who could spot the most Christmas trees through the front windows of the houses. Imagine closing your eyes for three minutes and opening them in a brightly lit room for 3 seconds - it was pretty cool.

I bring that memory up because blogging is sort of like that - showing the sparkly best of your decor for everybody, but keeping the ugly green armchair that smells like cat in the back room. Something like that. Except, I didn't want to do that. On my old blog, I put most of my ugly, smelly furniture right on the front porch for every passer-by to see and judge, and it was cathartic for me. Now, I'm hiding behind the anonymity and I sort of resent it.

I sort of resent it a lot.

Stupid spies.


ImNoBetterThanU said...

Things to blog about will come to you where you can write yet remain anonymous. Be patient!

Taco said...

Rachee, I had to delete your comment because you used my old blog nickname. Sorry. But the answer to your question is I don't know. I'm going with my magnetic personality. :-)

Catherine said...

Don't you worry! I know it'll come. And you loyal readers will be here the whole way!

The Wrath of Dawn said...

Ack. I feel your pain. I'm semi-anonymous and there are lots of things I'd like to blog about in great detail but there are people on the periphery of my life who would use such information for evil.

You gots ta do what you gots ta do.

Rachel said...

Woops, sorry chica! Yes, I think your magnetic personality HAS won you a spy following. That sounds good.