Saturday, July 26, 2008

Update on Butch

Butch has survived three nights with us now, and he appears to have super powers. He's withstood multiple force-feedings, chill, transport through pothole-filled neighborhoods, and excessive handling. All of those things on top of being in an environment completely alien and unnatural for him, filled with sounds, smells, and light that he should have never been subjected to. Every article I have read gave him a 90% chance of survival (he was younger when we found him than I first thought - maybe 2 days), but the little fighter is still here - proving me wrong at every turn and making me love him.


I took Butch to work with me today and promised my daughter - his primary caregiver - that I wouldn't KILL him. I didn't. Unfortunately, he was discovered by the cat later in the evening (thanks to a door that was left open - NOT BY ME), and he was carried around for who knows how long, suffering several tiny punctures and a loss of body heat. For a creature with no fur and paper-thin skin, this is a big deal. She didn't mean him any harm, but treated him as a kitten - he just didn't have the fur a kitten would have to protect him from mama kitty love.

He has, however, continued to crawl around in his blind way and eat.

I am completely dumbfounded and amazed.

Due to his incredible will to be, I have decided that he is allowed to sleep in his soft human-made nest for as long as he will tolerate it. I had previously decided that he would go to another licensed rehabber as soon as possible, but he has earned his place here. At least now he can be released into his family group.

Stupid tiny hairless freaky thing. I wuv himz.


Mahala said...

I had a bebe skirl once. His name was Spunky.

Taco said...

Aw...did Spunky make it?

We named him Butch so he would feel all manly. I think it worked.

Little shit.

Catherine said...


We 'adopted' a squirrel once, after a hurricane. We cried when we had to release her! "Flo" was her name.

ImNoBetterThanU said...

AWESOME! I was wondering how the little guy was doing. Be sure to keep us updated and we will need new pictures periodically as well.

The Wrath of Dawn said...

"Stupid tiny hairless freaky thing. I wuv himz."

I did a LOL.