Monday, July 21, 2008

Head bang to the disco

I have pictures to edit and post, somewhat thoughtful topics to explore, and many many peevish comments....yet.....

...I can't stop downloading music.

(Disclaimer: The following paragraph includes links to YouTube. If you detest YouTube and prefer not to visit, do not click. If you don't give a crap, click away and witness my musical schizophrenia. Amen.)

I LOVE THE INTERNET. Except for the viruses and stuff. And spam for penis enlargement cream. And stupid people who get their feelings hurt on forums about Atari. But the music!!!! Where else can I download several dozen songs in one place of all different genres, without having to buy the entire album that probably has some stupid spoken word intro songs wasting space? I now have Metallica right before Paul Simon, followed by Chuck Mangione and Flogging Molly. Only a little bit of Ray Stevens. Maybe. It is most definitely a beautiful thing.

My co-workers might not think so tomorrow, though. Teehee.

PS - If anyone reading this is headed to the Norfolk, VA Flogging Molly show in September, and you want to carpool...let me know. Go green, people.

Also PS - Yes, I do know how old I am. I can still listen to hard stuff. Shut up.

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