Friday, August 8, 2008

Arguing with myself in the dark

In the darkened theater, I was very aware that I was the only female over the age of 18 in the place. The giggles, cell phone glows, and over-sprayed pungent perfume were a dead giveaway. Beside me, my 13 year old daughter was staring at the screen and trying to keep her elbow from touching mine, which rested on the armrest between us.

Stay cool, I told myself. Do not do anything remotely embarrassing. This may very well be one of the last times she allows you to accompany her to a teen flick in public. Just watch the movie.


Oh HELL. A PG-13 love scene. Look away. Do NOT look at her.


If those little shits behind us don't shut, I have to just pretend I'm not a mean old lady who wants to pull them out by their ears. Stay calm.


Look at her, completely caught up in the story. I'm so lucky that she still wants to hang out with me at all. She looks so happy and beautiful. How the heck did I make a human that gorgeous? Oh shit!...she caught me looking at her. Abort abort!


Great, a sad scene. I will not cry I will not cry I will not cry...well, crap. Now I'm crying. Can't let her see. My eye itches...but I can't scratch it because then she'll think I'm wiping a tear away, and she'll never want to see another movie with me ever. My eye does not itch My eye does not itch My eye does not itch. Why did I think that would work?


Roll credits. I made it out alive, without making my daughter pretend she didn't know me. I think I might just have a shot and not sucking all of the time. Score.


Rachel said...

Gosh, that sounded stressful! Thank God for 4 year olds...

meg said...

that's sweet! But I'm itching to know what the movie was? and was it good? Or were you too stressed to notice!

Taco said...

rachel: Nah, not stressful. Quite funny.

meg: 'Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2'. It was much better than I anticipated and done VERY well in order to appeal to their target audience without offending parents. I really enjoyed it.

ImNoBetterThanU said...

Excellent post! I enjoyed reading that. I am glad you have a great relationship with your daughter.

P.S. - I need 33 tacos...I have not been to the taco stand in a while!